About Us

Why Black Sheep Fitness?

We are different and our approach to  training goes beyond all others!  Black Sheep Fitness is originally named after the local herd of Hebridean Sheep that live year round on Baggy Point.  They thrive in their environment through their strength, agility and tenacity. These qualities are the same ones that we use with clients and apply to each session. We look at you differently and train you differently because you are unique.  

About Me

I'm Scott and originally from Scotland before life led me to a life in beautiful North Devon. 

Whilst in the northern climes, I developed my lifelong love of the outdoors and fitness, which after university, eventually led to me becoming a Royal Marines Officer. 

I left to become a house husband and help raise my two wonderful children. Through them, I found myself supporting and coaching at their clubs which meant that I could continue my love of sport, fitness and coaching that leads me to where I am today.

I qualified as a Certified Master Trainer after an intense course at the European Institute of Fitness before founding Black Sheep Fitness.  The company evolves constantly as new skills are learnt and applied.  The main premise is that we are above all else, a movement company! It may sound strange, but without movement, you have nothing. We give you movement that is strong, clean, powerful and for many clients, pain free.

My natural curiosity about all things human means that I constantly strive to learn, to experiment and to provide the best possible service.

I continue to enjoy surfing, triathlon, walking, my family, my dog and annoying my wife!



REPs 2 (Gym Instructor)
REPs 3 (Personal Trainer)
Master Trainer Certification Program Certificates in: 

  • Advanced PT Skills
  • Motivation & Behaviour Change
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Functional Training & Sports
  • Clinical Exercise & Specific Populations
  • Lifestyle-Fitness Coach
  • Sports Nutrition Advisor

Other Qualifications

  • UKMLTB Mountain Leader
  • Instructing Health Related Exercise to Children
  • Current Emergency First Aid at Work + Sport
  • Watercoach Instructor Level 1
  • iMove Integrated Back Training
  • Neuro Kinetic Therapy L3
  • Rocktape Kinesiology Taping
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation
  • Sports Massage
  • Medical Acupuncture


Black Sheep Fitness Values

  • Professionalism & Excellence
  • Passion & Quality
  • Relaxed & Friendly
  • Client Focused & Centred
  • Supportive & Empowering
  • Deliver Results

The Mission:  Every session, every day, provide a professional service that achieves desired results for clients and a level of excellence that I would expect to receive, whilst holding true to the core values of the company.