Marcus Chapman - The Riders Rider!

Marcus has been traing with me since early 2012.  His goal was to ride 500 miles from London to Edinburgh alongside his brother to raise money for Friends of the Earth.  Along with the help of some slower BumbleBess (I still have to get to the bottom of that?) they succeeded in both the gruelling ride and raising £3000 for their chosen charity.

His hard work through every session (and it was hard work) paid dividends on the bike ride as he felt strong each day on the bike and so much so that he took the option of tackling one of the steepest and most gruelling climbs in the UK - Rosedale Chimney in Yorkshire.  His riding skills, strength and personality earned him the Rider's Rider award given out at the last evening meal of the challenge although, he swears it was because he said thank you to the organisers and bought them all a drink!

So for his hard work in the studio, the beach and 'The Hill' I simply say Chapeau!