Back Pain Management

As a lead on from the services offered, Back Pain Management deserves a section of its own.

Many clients come to Black Sheep Fitness to get fit or lose weight and some come specifically seeking help for their back pain.  Through the consultation process it is often discovered that there are underlying conditions and injuries that need to be resolved prior to achieving their main goal.  Quite often there is a problem with low back (lumber) pain, sometimes having been diagnosed and other times a person has just 'put up' with it.  This common problem allied to my own personal experience with back pain led me to investigate causes and cures and try to develop exercises and movements that help alleviate pain and allow clients to achieve pain free mobility or at the very least drastically reduced pain in a short period of time.

If you suffer from back pain and seek relief from the often-debilitating pain that affects your every movement, then you need to come and speak with us to see if we can help.  Many clients have seen chiropractors, doctors and had physiotherapists but have never fully recovered, achieved the level of mobility and pain free movement they desire or indeed, have relapsed.

The back pain and care management offered by Black Sheep Fitness is designed to offer clients a chance to regain control of their lives.  Over a course of sessions, individuals are equipped with the advice, techniques and strengthening exercises to alleviate their back pain and maintain that status into the future.

Clients often report that they feel much better after only the first session and subsequent sessions build on that.

So, book in for a consultation to see what we can do for you.