"I had to message you and tell you this morning is the first time for monthsi had no pain, sooo happy and now i feel that the last pieces of the puzzle are coming together. Been to the gym and feeling great. Thank you for all you have done for me."
Lou (chronic back pain)
I just wanted to thank you once again for all of your tips, expertise and the clever way you have worked me up to being able to move on with a better way of doing “life”. I loved your positive approach and the understanding but no fuss encouragement - it is exactly what I needed. You are clearly hugely knowledgeable in your field and I was massively impressed by your ability to switch quickly to address specific physical issues like my knee and back whilst still maintaining momentum with the general shaping of my lifestyle improvements, eating and exercise regimes. I have learnt a huge amount and feel invigorated to keeping all this up. I feel fitter, light, stronger and faster but the best change is to my mental attitude. I know I have a long way to go but I now have the knowledge, motivation and tools at my disposal to sustain a healthy, balanced existence.
My husband found Black Sheep Fitness whilst looking for a trainer that could help me train with an injury whilst I was on holiday. When I first met Scott, he was friendly, professional and passionate about what he did and provided great explanations about various exercises could improve strength and help my running. The sessions were hard work, exhilarating and I felt I had achieved more than I thought I could at the outset. I liked them because of the variety, the use of different pieces of kit, being pushed to do more than I thought I could and being outside (thankfully, it was sunny :) ) Scott made the exercises look easy which made me feel that I would be able to do them too. I was also encouraged to do more sets and maintain form while doing the exercises, which was essential and definitely worked for me in terms of achievement. You'll achieve more than you think you can and you'll undertake properly structured training that takes into account your specific goals and you'll be able to it in a great environment. Scott is a highly professional trainer whose enthusiasm and drive helps you achieve your goals and much more than you could by yourself. He provides varied training techniques which means it's fun and you can feel progress every day. It was really great and extremely satisfying to be able to train with such great support and guidance whilst I was on holiday and I would definitely do it again and recommend Black Sheep to others!
My fiancée looked for a fitness trainer as a surprise?? for my birthday. Scott took the time to meet with him and discuss and listen to what he thought I would need. I was signed up for a course of sessions soon afterwards after my fiancée looked around at other trainers and deciding that Black Sheep Fitness would fit the bill, and he thought Scott was a nice guy! Scott: Charlotte didn't have a clue what her fiancée was planning. The first she knew about it was when she was dropped off at the studio on her birthday. We talked about what she had done in the past and she wanted to regain fitness and get back into shape post childbirth prior to her wedding in 12 weeks time. She had been nervous on her way over only just having found out what her great surprise was! It was really good to meet Scott and he was able to put my mind at ease. In all the sessions, I was pushed hard but they changed every week. Towards the end of every session, I felt my body couldn't really do much more......that was good though! Scott is always really positive and made the sessions enjoyable and saw him more as a friend. Scott is an excellent guy and I had a great time working with him. It's more like working out with a friend.
Charlotte, Barnstaple
Scott was very nice when I met him......not too scary! His explanations and advice were aimed at the right level and I learnt that sugar was BAD!!! The sessions were somewhat painful at times but overall, they were fun and I always left with a great feeling. I also liked the sessions because I learnt how to actually use all that scary kit that's in the gym. I felt really empowered to exercise and confident enough to brave the grunting blokes in the free weights section! Scott always made me work hard but I trusted him because he knew my level of fitness and I (mostly) managed to do what he said I could (except when I was being a wussy). The whole experience was packed with positive aspects and I came away with improved fitness, better eating habits, lost weight and improved self confidence. Working wit Black Sheep Fitness definitely met my needs as I looked great in my wedding dress :) I've already recommended Black Sheep to my friends. It's fun, private and really bloody useful! You don't have to do it forever because you'll learn how you should be doing things so you can get on and exercise properly on your own. It can be a bit painful at times, but it's well worth it! Thank you Scott for putting up with my moaning and taking me from a size 16 to a size 12! Right, I'm off to the gym :)
Hayley, Braunton
"We knew Scott before and his friendliness coupled with the website seemed to indicate that he would meet our personal needs for our personal challenge. When we talked to him about our goal to climb Kilimanjaro, he was very enthusiastic, listened and spoke clearly with passion and a real interest in us. The sessions were hard work and we hated the warm up but they were very good and we felt like we had achieved a lot. Scott was able to meet our individual needs both as separate people and for our challenge. We were pushed hard during a session but always thought they were achievable as Scott listens and watches the way we are feeling and acting and adjusts the session accordingly. The best bits about training with Black Sheep Fitness are the laughs, the feeling of achievement and the improvements we saw. Black Sheep Fitness helped us achieve our goal, well, we got to the top of that damn mountain! We had Scott's support throughout the whole journey. It was above and beyond what we expected. With emails, phone calls and Facebook, it felt like Scott became a friend as well as a trainer. If you were thinking about training with Black Sheep Fitness, DO IT!"
Lisa & Charlotte, Barnstaple
"Working with Scott and BSF was really satisfying and it should be on the NHS!!! – the programme was tailored to my needs, incorporated a back care programme and has given me the boost I need and the tools I need to go on and exercise alone, with the reassurance that if I need any further sessions I can call on BSF to help. The sessions were really doable; not scary and I was pushed, but not in a drill sergeant kind of way. Encouraged to achieve is how I look at it. It’s what I expected and why I chose to go for a personal trainer rather than join a gym in the first instance. I got a good workout, hard but just right, and felt properly tailored to me and my ability so that there was progression whilst making sure that I worked hard... in between the giggling and lying on the floor!! Well paced and challenging and i did feel as though I made progress incrementally, whilst being pushed gently into achieving what Scott knew I could – even if I didn’t!"
Jane, Barnstaple
"I feel better and better as the sessions go on although the effort nearly kills me! I feel generally fitter and my (chronic) bad back is getting better slowly but surely. Black Sheep Fitness is excellent and Scott is 100% professional, very reliable and supportive. 10/10, so glad I rang BSF"
Dave, Combe Martin
"Great personal training, tailored to the individuals exact personal needs & goals, with a friendly approach, using top quality equipment and modern, proven techniques. I have really enjoyed the work I’ve done so far and have started to feel the benefits already. I look forward to continuing training, which will no doubt see me begin to ride my bike like Lance Armstrong and surf like Kelly Slater. No pressure then."
Marcus, Barnstaple
"I really enjoyed the sessions; they changed each week and really pushed me to my limits.  When you train with Black Sheep fitness, you get the knowledge, experience, equipment available to train with and it's also nice to have someone take an interest in what the final goal is and understand that.  Scott is a hard working trainer that will help you meet your goals, while making the session fun. You will always feel like you worked hard."
Jess, Braunton
"Enjoy every session and constantly amazed by the difference the workouts have made to my energy levels and shape."
Pip, Braunton
"An excellent personal approach that gets results."
Ange, Croyde