Training / Facilities

How do we train?

When you train with Black Sheep Fitness, the training is always tailored to achieve and surpass your goals. 

It may be anything from going for a walk or jog to weight training, cardio boxing and ViPR, but whatever the exercise, you can be guaranteed that it is specific to you and your needs and will always be enjoyable, challenging and achievable.  I believe that all exercise should be functional, ie. with a purpose, and that purpose is to get results that dramatically enhances your life by moving better and feeling fitter.

Where can you train?  Fitness happens anywhere

When we can, we train outdoors - usually in and around Croyde.  This adds an element of freedom to the session and you will feel more relaxed and energized because of the exercise and your interaction with nature.  Check out the gallery to see some pictures.


Black Sheep Fitness has its own Personal Training Studio to deliver the best possible service to you.  Whatever the weather or time of day, you will be able to train in the warmth and dry of this purpose built facility.  With a wide range of carefully selected equipment, Black Sheep Fitness can deliver the results that you want. 

What to expect

The first consultation is just that.  It is a chance to meet and discuss your requirements and goals in an informal, friendly and relaxed manner.  There is no need to be nervous - by calling, you've done the hardest part!  Remember, Black Sheep Fitness is there to support and help you achieve your goals in every way possible.  If you think personal training is for you, we fill out a health questionnaire,  take some measurements so that your progress can be carefully monitored over time and maybe some not too strenuous basic fitness tests, again to establish a baseline and monitor your progress.  The initial consultation is free, so you've got nothing to lose.

The whole process is carried out in the privacy of the Studio, so your privacy is guaranteed.  It is helpful if you wear loose clothing suitable for physical activity and carry a bottle of water.